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Our Infrastructure

VISION SOLUTIONS, India aspires to become a leading GIS and Photogrammetry services provider. This has guided us to establish to create a work environment conducive for efficiency and innovation.

VISION SOLUTIONS, India Facilities at Hubli and Bangalore comprise

VISION SOLUTIONS, – India offices are well equipped with state-of-the-art computing, networking, security and communication infrastructure. The offices are also provided with facilities such as full fledged conference rooms and Audio conferencing facilities and complete power and system back up to operate 24/7.

Human Resource
VISION SOLUTIONS, recognizes that its people are the primary source of its competitiveness. It is committed to equal employment opportunities for attracting the best available talent and ensuring a cosmopolitan work force.

It will pursue management practices designed to enrich the quality of life of its employees, develop their potential and maximize their productivity. It will aim at ensuring transparency, fairness and equity in all its dealings with its employees.
VISION SOLUTIONS, will strive continuously to foster a climate of openness, mutual trust and teamwork.

VISION SOLUTIONS, possesses an array of high-end workstations such as HP Visualize, HP RISC and Compaq.

Broadband network connectivity supports various communication and data transfer facilities like Telephone, Fax, E-mail, and FTP etc.

We also have a dedicated high speed network linked directly to the L&T WAN with our exclusive routers which enable us to connect to 3 technological centers at India with our international business offices around the globe through high speed satellite and terrestrial links.

We possess resources to enable Collaborative Project Management which is increasingly being accepted as the most efficient and effective way to develop products.

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