Mapping and Data Management

Digital Elevation Models

VISION SOLUTIONS, derives elevation models to support Flood Mapping, Ortho Generation, 3D Simulation, and more. We develop models using a variety of techniques including traditional Photogrammetric techniques, LiDAR, and through autocorrelation of digital aerial imagery.



Today’s GIS user is relying more and more on the use of 3D models and visualization. Once limited in scope to video games and Hollywood effects, 3D environments have become part of the evolution of GIS, allowing for analysis in x, y, and z. From property appraisal specialists to the modern day war fighter, the need for highly detailed information in 3D is evident. VISION SOLUTIONS, is involved in the development and deployment of terrain models to support 3D analysis. Surfaces derived from LiDAR, Photogrammetric techniques, and Autocorrelated Surfaces, provide a framework for which a “skin” of realistic imagery is applied, creating a lifelike 3D scene .



VISION SOLUTIONS, provides turn-key LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) imaging ser vices i.e. Digital Orthophoto and various topographic mapping pro ducts, including

  • Filtering of Point clouds.
  • Contour Mapping.
  • Fusion with digital Orthophoto or hyperspectral imagery.
  • 3D modeling and volumetric calculation.
  • Clinometry and Morphometry of drainage basins.
  • Flood Plain Mapping.
  • Processing of transmission lines and other corridor surveys.


VISION SOLUTIONS, has provided GIS support on eighteen different software platforms. We understand the intricacies involved in Surveying, Planimetric Mapping, and GIS Development. More importantly, we have continually molded our entire operation around the idea of producing a spatially accurate GIS base map. We meet the minimum specifications for Photogrammetric Mapping and understand every aspect of GIS design, including software and hardware requirements, to ensure the delivery of a suitable GIS base map and a “GIS-friendly” product.



VISION SOLUTIONS, deploys Web-Based GIS for internal project management and for external customers. Our development goes beyond the simple deployment of “out of the box” software. We provide unique solutions, tailored to our customers’ needs and desires. Our sites are robust and feature functionality not typically found in other web-based GIS sites. We develop sites for power users as well as the general public. To do this, we put careful consideration in the design and layout, and provide documentation through online help files.



VISION SOLUTIONS has pioneered the delivery model for preparation of master plan maps , in these 13 years we have completed 18 cities & towns it has been part of mapping revolution in almost every city and town of Karnataka, India. Completed major cities names: Hubli-Dharwad, Mangalore, Belgaum, Davangere-Harihar, Gulburga, Bellary, Shimoga-Bhadravati, Chickmagalur, Tumkur, etc.

The preparation of master plan maps services includes:

  • Ordering of satellite imagery for LPA area.
  • Conducting detail ground Survey.
  • Collection of primary and secondary data collection.
  • Digitization of Surveying Data & Overlapping of.
  • Revenue Maps To Form The Cadestrial Map.
  • Updation of Approved Layout On To Cadestrial map To Form The Town Planning Map.
  • Existing Study Map : Climate, Population Study.
  • Existing Landuse Analysis.
  • Proposed Landuse.
  • Proposed Landuse Analysis.
  • Proposed Study Maps : Circulation Pattern, Phasing of Development.
  • Submission of 3 Set of Maps & Report For Govt Provisional Approval.
  • Submission of 3 Set of Maps & Report For Govt Final Approval.